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The women in this Un Certain Regard entry have a lot on their minds and have to learn to stop sweeping things under the carpet

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Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova make a political satire that looks at the sexual power structures still prevalent in Bulgaria and worldwide, using comedy, anger and frustration

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The Audentia Eurimages – Council of Europe Award

(euro 30.000 for the next cinematographic project)

assigned by the jury

(Ursula Menih Dokl, Anne Laurent-Delage, Andrei Tănăsescu)

goes to

WOMEN DO CRY by Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova (Bulgaria – France 2021)

with the following motivation: in an increasingly volatile social climate, the winner of this year’s Audentia Award answers the urgent call for change with ferocious immediacy, an uncompromising formal approach and all-encompassing exploration of the struggle for equality and the issues that still plague women in our society. Its rallying cry for women’s solidarity against misogyny, homophobia and toxic patriarchy is as local as it is universal, harnessing the empowering force of its multi-generational female cast to deliver a cinematic manifesto full of anger and tenderness, compassion and humour.

For its unique cinematic voice and resolute bravery.

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